Marketing Analysis

Comparative Marketing Analysis

How Can I Know The Value of My Home in Central Oregon?

The secret to knowing the current market value of your home is found by perfection of a technique as American as Apple Pie:

Comparative Shopping

The comparison of homes that have a different layout, square-footage, setting and locations can certainly be tricky - however as professional real estate sales agents know it is still the most simple yet accurate method to use for determination of a home's current market value.

A professional licensed real estate broker can effeciently determine a home's current value through a technique known as a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA). Through the use of this CMA, your professional real estate broker will have the ability to recommend a current range of prices that will assure your home gets top dollar and sells within a reasonable time-frame.

Setting the Asking Price of Your Property in Central Oregon Using a CMA  

A recommended rule of thumb for establishing a realistic initial asking price is to draw upon multiple sales comparisons of houses closed within a few miles from your house via a CMA. Having this comparison is done by your broker, you can feel assured that the initial asking price you have selected is a good asking price based on the property's current worth and will therefore be attractive qualified buyers in the marketing area.