Sales Advice

Powerful Sales Advice

Perhaps you are getting a larger house to make room for your growing family, getting a second home you have always wanted in Central Oregon, moving for a new career opportunity, or changing to a townhouse for your retirement.

Whatever is driving your need to move - you need to follow the applicable steps to sell your home and get the best possible price, within a reasonable amount of time.

So, where should you start?

For most people, you should begin with seeking the advice of a licensed real estate professional. Your local real estate broker, knows your neighborhood, and will quickly assist you to identify a reasonable market price for your home. A local broker can also recommend the types and extent to which you should make repairs or improvements to your home.

To find the professional real estate broker that’s best for you, talk with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for suggestions or references. Once identified, you should go to one of their open houses and meet the broker face-to-face to determine how professional or experienced they are. Requesting a written outline of their marketing plan for your home would also be a good idea. They should also provide you with an outline of the services they will provide to you.

Having identified a professional real estate broker, they will take it from there and help take you through the entire sales process.

The broker should be someone you are comfortable working with closely. Are you comfortable with your broker as your real estate sales partner? Are they the kind of person that you feel comfortable working with you to give you solid advice and being your real estate representative? Do they utilize a consultative selling approach? Are they focused on a long-term client relationship and know the importance of exceeding their client’s needs and expectations - or are they just caught up in a 'hard sell?'

The brokerage firm's reputation that your broker is affiliated with is also important. What is the brokerage firm's rate of success and are they commitmented to providing a quality service? Are they an established real estate firm in your market? How do they assist their previous clients in to maximize  their client's satisfaction? Are their prior clients happy? Are they in tuned into their client’s needs? Have they given guidance on moving, related services or mortgages?

The determination of your property's fair market value can be the most significant decision you make during your home-selling/buying process. A quality real estate broker should assit you in determining a fair market price based on your local market’s current conditions. For example, they should provide you with "Comps" of comparable sales that have closed and the prices and other statistics of the houses similar to yours that have sold in the last period.It is important to consider that all potential buyers will be comparing your home to others - not just ones currently on the market - but homes that were on the market and that sold recently. Therefore, setting a correct asking price will be a major factor in determining if your property will or will not sell.

With the first offer presented, rarely will the potential buyer equal your asking price exactly. If the amount they have offered you is reasonably close to the market and/or your asking price, one should very carefully consider the offer - before you think about turning it down - remember it is an offer to buy. Interestingly enough, sometimes the 1st offer made on a property, will be the best offer ever received. If the 1st offer is absolutly unacceptable to you, do not be insulted, rather consider that it is in your best long-term interest to tell your broker to reply with a counter offer - you would accept. Just as you should not be insulted by their offer, they should not be insulted by your counter.

Whenever you are contemplating an offer from a buyer, especially if the offer is coming from a buyer that is pre-qualified in the amount of the offer, it helps to ask yourself "Would I buy the house for the amount being offered"? One should always be willing to negotiate, and especially provide a timely counter offer.

Once you have decide on an acceptable amount, it's time to allow your broker to negotiate with the prospective buyer to work out the best final agreement for you. In today's financing market, unless they are a cash buyer, you'll need to be patient while the buyer arranges their financing. It is at this time that the careful planning and solid advice of a professional real estate broker will make the selling your home - a very enjoyable experience.