Looking for a Long-Term Rental? We have several well-cared for homes to choose from.

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For Long-term Renters  Are you looking for a long-term rental in Downtown Bend, Redmond, in the Bend city limits, Terrebonne or anywhere else in Central Oregon? 

We have an excellent variety of Long-Term Rental Homes for you. Pick one from our extensive selection of long-term rentals in Central Oregon - they include, houses, cabins and condos. They are downtown, nestled in the woods, right on the golf course or on the river front. Pick a Summer Rental, Winter Rental or a just a long-term rental stay that will provide a long-lasting Central Oregon memory for you, your family and your friends. Apply online now.

 For Homeowners – Do you have a home you would like to rent on a long-term basis?

We have many qualified long-term renters that would be excited about renting your home. We've got renters seeking long-term rentals for homes, cabins and condos Downtown, nestled in the woods, right on the golf course or on the river front. We have many years of experience as a licensed professional long-term rental management service. Your decision to pick a professional long-term housing rental management company is a simple benefits received vs. your net cost equation. Contact us today.

We are experts at handling both your property and your tenant.

When you compare your net cost vs. what you get in return - an effortless, essentially long-term passive income stream - it makes the decision to utilize the services of our professional property manager a pretty easy one for most rental property owners.

A real estate licensed property management company will substantially benefit any rental property owner. However, if any of the following circumstances or preferences fit your situation it can be even more advantagous:

  • When you live more than a couple of developments away from your rental property
  • When you are not an especially handy home maintenance person
  • when spending 8 to 13 hours of your time - each and every month dealing with situations related to your rental property - is really more than you care to commit
  • When you don't want to be required to be constantly available for an emergency related to your property
  • When you are not up-to-date on the tenant - landloard laws for Oregon State
  • When you'd rather not ever have tobe concerned or deal with difficult / non-paying tenants

The professional property managers at CENTURY 21 Lifestyles Realty Bend routinely handle "all of the above" as a matter of daily professional practice. Our company has over 30 years of that daily experience – yes, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Early in our long-term rental management development, we discovered that the more simple it was for our property owners – the better it was for everyone.

We found that simple was the only way to go –

Renting your property has never been so simple!

So here is what we decided SIMPLE really stood for:

ervice – our staff is available 24/7 to ensure the needs of our clients are always met.

ncreased online presence - You will find us where the masses congregate.

aximize the experience – Our entire property management system has been designed for the  21st Century with our customers in mind.

ioneering concepts.  

ower cost to you – Our rate structure has been designed to keep money in your bank account.   

xperience – Our office and staff have over 30 years of experience in property management. Experience that you deserve to have working for you.